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"same damn thing same ass exuses boy you useless.." [06 Oct 2003|05:20pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well wow all i can say is thank you spawks and dirty matt for maiking me the fault of it...maybe if spawks ddint complain about me to him...???oh well not my problem sorry i cant help how i feel....you try being with someone for a year an a half who u lost ur virginty too and then he asks you for a favor of u hooking him up with one of your friends i told him i do it but that it would bug me...anyways me and bradley are donig quit well im happy i really like him and moms being cool....we got in a fight this morning but then she called me and apologized a first!!woot woot....and im on my period but the bright side of it is im getting back on the pill but now i have to go clean up the flys... oh quote from the day that i really liked...im gonig to hang up and count to 20 for you to call me back!" haha SMAk2S

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We try to make it work but it just ends up the worst [02 Oct 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | blah ]

wow im in one of those blank moods i don’t know what to make of everything...i feel like im going crazy...this weekend im not gonig to do shit this weekend, i have my brothers so i cant spend the night out...and prettty much i don’t want to even go anywhere i just feel like staying at home and feeling sorry for myself...anyways thought im done blabing about my misery....so in other words...things with bradley are well i got some booty lol...umm family is A...OK! i guess humm and people in general....ahh i donno well im out peace..SMAk2S

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[25 Sep 2003|04:42pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yay!the wars over....finally me and hannah are cool today afterschool me her and katie all walked up to where drew was together it was funny...i miss her and im glad were cool again...like i know were never going to be "inseprible" again to much has been said and done are parents would be like wtf..?! but at least things are good....amanda now on the other hand we dont like each other but the shittalking is done when i got home yesturday her and her mom were here and we all talked it out finished the drama...yeppie doo tommorow me and stef are doing something just us... and the other girls of smak2s i belive are going to ashleighs....but sat. we hopefulley will all be tohgether but now i have to go...find stef a ride over to help me baby sit but i shall update more later..i'll leave u with this thoguht..shelby baby cheer up school sucks but at least u have us and with guys you ll find the perfect one soon...and really dont be scared of regection..stef judes coming back gradually....dont give up..katie steven just dont know how to twirk it and work it lol...ashleigh and kendall love yall and same to all...SMAk2S poopoo sistas fo life!

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people are sick..... [19 Sep 2003|12:35pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

The rie rie sisterhood is fucking sick, yea they don’t make me the center of their world? I read there notebook that theyve had for the last month....ugh their sick...i cant believe that someone could hate someone that much...and i feel like such a dumdass i broke down in class well no after i got out b.c i was about to start crying...and i called my mom and i was like crying so goddamn hard. So now this shit isnt over b.c now the school knows about it b.c i called my mom and toold her to pick me up and i was crying and i sort of tole her what was wrong, well since i called on carolines cell i turned it off and my mom couldnt get in touch with me anymore and she called the school told them to get me out of class and i guess she sort of told them what happened so Monday i have to go talk to that new student affairs guy...great! just what i need and if he finds out about the book which i don’t know if he aleady knows or not a lot of people are gonig to get in trouble me included b.c it’s the schools duty to report sex, and drinking and drugs n shit like that...hannahs admiting to shit shese done with john and theyre talking about me fucking ppl and how im turning into a coke head try i havent even done it.. But wow this is not good the drama was sappose to be over and i have a feeling its all just about to start....b/c now the school is offically involved and its b.c of me breaking down...and like when that student affairs guy started talking to me i just started crying even more...im not going to tell him shit Monday...i cant we will all be in shit...god they are stupid to write shit like that down....damn and my freaking eye...that goddamn pimple or w.e it is im going to the doctor later for it......ahhhhh i cant take this.

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"BABY..baby..im begging you please...i need your love so..bring it all back" [17 Sep 2003|11:35pm]
[ mood | calm ]

damn..just got off the phone with ol matty pooh...i talked to him for quite a while tonight...ah i love the kid..like as friends it was so nice talking to him...i did cry a little but ya know how it goes?he sang lost that love and feeling..?!!i was like i lost the feeling but not the love...were going hunting sometime whenever its hunting season as freinds yay! he cant be my friend right now thought but he can still talk to me on the phone which is nice he always makes me feel better like i was telling him about all this shit going on and he was like marilyn im not trying to be mean but i dont give a fuck bc thats what you need to be doing not giving a fuck so dont give a fuck lol...well neways besides that braldey came over tonight...which was night so did stefie...i feel bad for her with this whole jude sistuation what an ass....errrr.....im not even sad anymore about all this drama going on at school matt made me look at it from a totally differnet prespective which is what i love about him..his out look on things...yes ill admit hese got a lot of problems but he also has alot going for hese a great guy if you get passed all his faults...and hese an awsome friend and im so proud of him hese going back to school at TCC to get his ged but its still good....i get to meet bradleys mom tommorow i think heehee...im excited she seems tight as shit...woot woot...well im out stefs over and i need to clean my room...

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“She's been everybody elses girl, maybe one day she’’ll be her own.” [15 Sep 2003|11:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I just came inside...and i was sitting outside smoking a cigarette and thinking about everything that’s happened in the last few weeks or months well practically all summer...everything i’ve done and things people in general have done. How everything turned out everyone reactions to what everyone has done...and what i’ve come up with is that i have the best friends i could’ve ever asked for, i’ve know stefanie my whole life shese been their for my threw thick and thin even after everything i’ve done to her and trust me what i’ve put that girl threw was way worse than what i did to hannah and Amanda...i love her so much though its weird like i think about it and pretty much everything she does threw out her day has some bit to do with me. its like anything she does she makes sure it will benefit me to in some way. She cares about me just like a mother cares about her child and shese only 16. And for amanda to say that shese not mature or whatever is complete bullshit shese more mature than any 50 year old i know. Herself shese been threw a lot in her life and shese been by my side threw everything that’s happened to me. then Shelby i’ve only been getting close to her for the last few months and yet i feel like i’ve known her for a lot longer she has no obligation towards me to stand up for me but she did and it cost her getting smacked by her best friend. Shese been there for me for the last few months and i’ve just grown really close to the girl i love her to death too...ashleigh and Katie both of them are awesome they’ve been threw a lot to and still mange to take care of me at my low points all these girls do Kendall included its like i just now really got to know all 4 of these girls and yet their there for me no matter what, as well as stef whose been there threw it all no matter how i was to her...i love them all and im so grateful to have them as friends...SMAK2S!!!also my crack whore fairy i miss you and love you so goddamn much and i wish you could be here to set all this straight you better fucking get your shit together soon and come back to chiles. also i’ve figured it out im threw with caring what people who i don’t spend any time what so ever with think of me i have my friends and they love me and respect me no matter what..yes i’ve made mistakes in my life but we all have and will still. it’s the way the world goes around.and you can hate me for what i did if you want. No one has an obligation towards me. So to amanda and hannah go ahead think im a whore tell everyone i am. And maybe your right but to me your not i know i’ve slept with a number of guys, but what does it matter how can you judge someone by the number of people they’ve been in bed with. And yes for yall to lose respect for me for who it was is fine i myself might have if i were in your shoes but i also know that theirs another side to the story than the one you’ve heard or what ever you’ve made assumptions up in your head about. But go ahead think i was slutting it up with Joey and drew i know how it all happened and as long as i myself know what happened than it all that matters. I to have a lot to deal with and this is not something i want as a part of my life. But like you said amanda i have to deal with the consequences to my actions so i will. If people are going to choose to judge me for what they heard good for them its, their problem not mine...and the rumor or whatever you’d like to call it going around some of them i will admit are true but a number aren’t so get the facts straight..but im done with this. I have a lot better things to do than argue over who or what i am. So amanda hannah if yall read this have a good life...don’t get into to much trouble and just leave me the hell out of your shit. And to everyone else all i have to say is go ahead and believe what you want about me, but ill leave you with this bit of advice which stefanie stated in her last comment to amanda there are three sides to a story his her’s and the truth...everyone really think about that hard....no one will ever no the truth about anything... when you tell a story you tell it from your point of view and when someone retells it they tell it from there’s....everything that you will ever hear is just a point of view unless you were there for yourself....but im tired its late and im sure tomorrow will be a long day...peace...and i just hope we can all drop this...to sum it up smak2s doesnt want to have anything to do with Thelma and losie(spawks now included) and it goes the other way to...

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If you're going to be look back on something and laugh at it, you might as well laugh about it now [13 Sep 2003|06:10pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

last night i chilled at my house with bradley until about ten then we went over to stefanies and all of us stayed the night there...shelby,kendall, jason,chris jude ,me,bradley and of course stef. We had a nice night of sitting no the back poarch taking pictures..just chillin in general i didnt even think once of all the other things going on in my life..well until this moring when i came back home...but it doesnt even bother me anymore i read amandas comment back to what i wrote...and its was just so fucking imature. Whatever though shese gonna have a hard life ahead of her if she keeps thinking like that...anyways tonight i have no clue what im doing..from what i understand bradleys going to come over and were just stay here. But i havent talked to him since he dropped me off this moring so i have no idea....i think me mom was a little preturbed that the guys stayed the night at stefs last ngiht we just all fell asleep on the couch...oh my may i say to that was one of the most uncomfortable sleeps in mylife in that little armchair ouch..im soar all over....ahh alls is well thought...im really glad that i have the friends i have there all thier for me now and i know they will be no matter what which is awsome.anyways i have other things to do....like sleep

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thats fucking just adorible [11 Sep 2003|10:38pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

Take the What High School
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she kisses everyone goodbye and waves her middle finger high! [11 Sep 2003|09:11pm]
[ mood | listless ]

well things all around all alright...actully no thier not that great i have this sick feeling in my stomach that my mom and ken are going to get back together...shese always over thier and it hurts like i just want to cry when she tells me shese going to see the kids and eat dinner...errrr and then this shit with hannah and amanda oh my....i dont want to deal with it anymore if hannah wants to beat my ass she better get on and start trying to do it.and its not like she will be able too...oh well it doesnt really bother me what they two are doing and saying just the fact that everyone knows who im fucking and all and people i thought were my friends like either havent backed me up or are talking shit with then and some arent even acknolgeding my presence anymore...it hurts but i knew when me and drew hooked up this would happen i even told him i was like well hannah and amanda better get ready for the i hate marilyn club or i said something around those lines....ahhh well school other than the socail aspect of it and everyone thinking im such a big whore is good im trying for once but for the last two days i just dont have it in me anymore...like in about three classes today i want to go to the bathroom and cry..im hurt things suck i dont like people calling me a whore and maybe i am one, but jesus what does it matter....ugh i know i said this shit doesnt bother me and in two years these ppl wont matter and they wont it just hurts when ppl u were close with are saying it too...and this whole getting me drunk and hooking up with nick do they actully think im that sleezy jeezee give me a break i love stef more than anything i couldnt do that to her i dont even like talking to nick anymore i just want to punch him for what he did to her...and now i have just come to relize how sick they all fucking are...to go as low as to try and hurt my freaking bestfirned ssince 2nd grade to get me back for joey and drew...im not sorry for what i did amanda yes but hannah no she fucked drew over bad and all i can say is karma hit her three times as hard...neways...bradley and me are togehter now i like him alot,very sweet guy iuts wierd though im not used to having someone that wants to like see me every day and actully cares about me...hummm....
man me and stef were talking and like if i went to a shrink and tols them all this thier diagnosis would probaly be that i never had a stable father figure in my life which is whyi sleep around...ha kinda funny when u think about it...but im not like that when i hook up with someone the whole time im sitting thiere thinking how wrong it is..but with bradley its not like that it wasnt even the first night we hooked up he was just so nice and well in a way gentle or howveer u want to say it...it was nice but yea neways...im out gotta go think about how wonderful my life is....oh one last thing i wrote in amandas journal a commnet about how i feel about this whole sistutation its to her and hannah...pretty decent i tohught

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couldnt see the night didnt know day from night [02 Sep 2003|03:02pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Drama drama drama...thats seriously what this weekend was full of...Friday did the usual weekend shit and then Thelma and louis(hannah and Amanda) decided to come to where all of us of the SMAKS were except Kendall wasn’t there...but they came and only to start shit with myself...and i really didn’t need there shit dragged into the night i had already stuff to deal with which was umm actully of some importance unlike the fact that i called hannah a bitch and oh my i hooked up with drew. So they came over and brought Lauren atterberry with them and got her all hyped up so when she got their she automatically started shit. ashleigh got smacked for telling her to quite down. Shelby got smacked for defending me from lauren calling me a whore. Hannah smacked me out of the blue we were bitching at each other and wham....and Katie got bitched out by lauren also....all is a well though because what comes around goes around and they came to their sapposevliy bestfirneds house to start shit...and look now none of us respect them...or any of the guys we hang out with...now all they have john and Kyle. Plus like i told them its high school nothing that they can say about me will have any importance to me..so they think im a big whore....ohhhh im hurt... i know i’ve done shit and i regret some stuff but if anything i’ve learned....and who i’ve hooked up with and the people that have called me whores in two years are probably all going to be forgotten...its not my sex life that’s going to make me later in life....it’s the way i view and handle things and what i learn in high school.and all i can say is that i know i am more mature than 90% of the chiles kids.. What i went threw this weekend i don’t think anyone could handle i barely could. I got fed lies and lies about my own mother...talked shit about her to the one person i despised and told him i was sorry. Two people i totally trusted to care for me, sold me out and put the whole blame of everything on me. I made my mom cry....but i came out of it pretty good....and the way i handled myself was shocking. I mean i will admit i spent a good 50 percent of this weekend in sobs but my firneds were their to comfort me every time. Stefanie Shelby ashleigh and bradley all got to witness my hystricalness...but yet they just sat their and all held me and made me feel better...and now things with the home front i have no clue where its going i feel horrible its my moms birthday tomorrow and again i manage to fuck it up in some way. I mean i know none of this is my fault but i know my mom so well and to believe what people say about her has never been me..but this weekend i did just that...ahummm......it hurts to see someone you love so down...but i am going to do anything i can to make up for it....but other wise i had some good moments to, i really like Bradley me and him talked a lot about things and he was their for me....and just he makes me feel good i haven’t felt like that in a while with a guy...but now things in general i don’t know where their going tomorrow we got school and i don’t particularly want to go, i have to much drama to attend to when i get back home...plus its my moms birthday tomorrow and i feel so horrible i haven’t gotten her a present or done anything for her....which sucks..and ashleighs mom found out about this weekend and called parents but i don’t think my mom has had the chance to even think about it yet with everything else going on..but i feel like i’ve just written a novel...so to sum up my weekend, as dramatic as it was it was one of the best ones. I really love stefanie shelby ashleigh kendall and katie...i miss Andrea and i know if she would’ve been their i never would have believed the stuff about my mom...i really feel like a dumdass for that...i like bradley...and im just thankful to everyone and all they’ve done for me.....!!!SMAKS...K squared!woot woot...

i worte all that upthere yesturday but never saved it , but yea so today is moms birthday i stayed home from school also i didnt feel good and still don’t i have a really bad headache and my throat hurted some. But yea i talked to my grandma she was mad at me when i first talked to her but now that i’ve explained to her what happened throughout this hell of a weekend shese okay with everything and understands. I feel horrible for my mom, she doesnt need this. But yea so things are still tipsy around here.....

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cleavland rocks.....OHIO! [21 Aug 2003|11:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

big sophmore now woot woot!its fun being bigger than other people ha but were stil underclassmen but working our way up..things are doing alright...tims mad at me??for some gay reason....matt says he fucked up by ever going outwith me b.c before he did a year and a half ago all his freinds told him i would screw him over being the big whore i was back in the day...my ass he made me how i am..i had neevr even kissed anyone before him thank you very much...hummm....oh well..i finally have the good lunch and me an ashleigh have classes together!!!yay! last weekend was really nice..me and catilin did something ssaturday got alot of shit out in the open, and i chilled with jude bradley and katie it was nice best weekened ive ever had expreinced a few new fun things...tonight stefs spending the night and this weekend i have no clue whats going down but im out..SMAKS

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lets get fucked up...... [15 Aug 2003|09:54pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

back to school in two days wow i cant believe it summers almost over....wierd tommorow m goin to greensburo i belive it should be fun. man things have cahnged...with me im not like how i was two months ago...its wierd and i donno if i like it or not..i feel like a slut sometimes but who knows..tim and drew cme over yeatruday wow i really lie tim..but i still love mtts bumbshit ass but it wil soon be over tommorow..me and tim kissed it was cute..he was like wheres my kiss..lol but neways things are pretty much good any way u look at it...so im happy i love my firneds i have my low momnets at times but who gives a fuck man...

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dont know what it is bout that little gals lovin but i like it.... [05 Aug 2003|01:02pm]
[ mood | amused ]

stefs right i do need to udate alot of shit has happened since i last wrote...and now i cant say if i know if me and matt are over b/c i dont even know what i will be doing in a week, but what i do know is him in my life i dont need anymore i found out way to much shit about him saturday night. and its not worth it, hese got another girl crying over him, he doesnt deserve two girls mooping around about him,so catlin can have him.ive been hurt by the kid way to long and i know how bad it hurts and i dont want to be the cause of a problem between matt and catilin so im backing out, hese not my problem to deal with anymore.
this weekend i went to greensburo it was alot of fun, deffinilty sometihng im gonna do again,and thats when i talked to catlin also...last night i talked to keith for about 5 hours hese a cool kid, i kinda like him i guess...like i could see us going somehwere..we kissed in greensburo..but who knows..tommorrow night were sappsoe to go see amovie so that should be nice, i need a new guy..and with tim i donno whats up with that,i just thought about it for a long time and hese alot older and going into the marines so wheres the point i wouldnt have any control and after matt i would like control and if things with keith goes somewhere i ight be able to have a bit of control..matts gonna shit a brick about that but what ever he can kiss my poonaty goodbye..lol man im sick it sucks..i went to bed so early last night...but im out peace!

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you needed time so i gave you that to figure out where your heart is at* [01 Aug 2003|12:09am]
[ mood | listless ]

Well okay maybe i spoke a little too soon about me and matt being over....i went to stefs last night and he called her cell and hung up on me or at least i thought he did and i just started crying, but then he called back a few minutes later and i answered again and i was like you know this is marilyn right and he was just like yeah i wanted to talk to you, and he apoligizeed for saying he never wanted to talk to me agian but it just really pissed him off about me and joey b/c he did tell me when we broke up that he wanted to get his shit straingten and for us to still talk but just that if i ever hooked up with joey he’d never talk to me again and i promised i wouldnt and i broke that promis. And i know hese done so much shit to me,and broke promises and all but i can understand why he was pissed. But neways we talked for a long time i got bitched out for a long time also, and he just told me how im the first person hese ever loved and that he loves me and all this stuff but i really hurt him and just all this stuff i’ve never heard him say before...it was nice excpet for the bitching but i guess i did deserve it some.but i must say i do still love that nigger race car driver...ha! And hopefulley everything i said last night will kick in his head and whenever we both figure ourselves out somemore we can make it work for once...but we will see how things will go down the road all i know is that hese been a part of my life for the last year and i don’t wanna lose the boy. On other subjects though last night was nice chillen with my poopoo siters cept ashleigh wasnt thier, by the way i need to talk to that little girl. Today i helped katie move her shit out of her house and cody also came and helped us it was cool..and now im about to go and paint..what a blast!!

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back from newyork [27 Jul 2003|12:52am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

back from nyc man i cant belive it i met like alot of my family it was awsome...i family get like were i get alot of my traits from...not my mom my granpas family....all my cousins look like me in the sense we have the same figures and samr hair with the blue eyes..i finally know how i got an ass!ha cause like my dads side their all skinny with huge boobs..why aint that gene in my gene pool??lol and my mom and grandma all just skinny...so yea...ha...neways thought...back to the normal things i talk about in this journal...everythings goin alirght with everything i guess..last night was pretty fun stef spent the night just me and her and we had a blast..things with mathew ummm...hell all i know is when hese with someone else he can only think of me..ha! and i dont even no if i want nething out of that..to complicated..but hannah states im in love with the boy who knows..i donno what love is anymore...? i think with me its just of feeling of lust mixed with longing but in out peace

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***the Divine secrets of the POOPOO sister hood*** [16 Jul 2003|02:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im leaving for nyc tommorow so my day has so far consisted of waking up hungover...going home and cleaning and packing...what a wonderful mix wouldnt ya say..neways last night i spent the night at stefs same with the night before, and we did the same ol great shit just on a different day.its been a nice two days, i went to the shrink yesturday i told her pretty much everything thats has to do with everythnig it was nice to be able to tell someone everything about u and not have to worry about being judged or everyone finding out.ive been thinking alot about things lately and im really starting to figure out who i am and what i want to be.its nice.i have one goal while im in nyc and that is to find the perfect picture album for me ashleigh stef and shelby...its gotta be perfect!lol im really glad i have all those girls as freinds i know thier going to be the people by my side for a long while to come...same with andrea and hannah! i love all them girls.

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nothings changed at all [14 Jul 2003|11:28am]
[ mood | worried ]

wow people are so full of it, i just got the nicest email from an old friend lemmie tell ya!i would like to thank that perrson for pointing out how fuicked up i am they just made it a little harder for me to avoid the fact that ive turned into something i didnt want to be....im not the same anymore i dont think anymore before i do shit and then i suffer the conseqences like hell, that so easly could probaly have been avoid if i hadnt been drinking or if i would have took a moment to think before jumping on impulse but whats done is done and i think its pretty fucked up for this person to tell me how i am...but i cant do anything its justt an opionion right or wrong its what he thinks..? and in my view its half right but doesnt he think i have feelings to and i may think that some of the stuff thats happened is a little out of wack...i regret it but what can i do now sit and morn on what i did....i have alot more on my mind with that as a problem though so now im just going to let it go people are going to have their opions on me for what i do no matter what...and i have enough stress to worry about what someone who hates me thinks....off that subject things arent gonig to the greatest...kens putting us threw hell agian, i wish he would just move away i dotn even care if my brothers are always home anymore...and guy wise i have no clue where thats going....friday matt calleed me telling me that he like wanted us to try again and that everytime he said i love you he ment it and all i could say was no i dont want to try anymore i dont no what posessed me to say that thats what ive been waning all this time...but im just so tierd of hurting i love the kid but i dont need even more drama to my life..and i think tim may have had something to do with me telling matt i didnt want to try anymore...but i dont even no whats up with that...i thought i liked him but no im confused...with everything thats going on...ahhh i donno im just worried about alot of shit...im gonig out tonight adn im just gonig to try and have a good time and forget..fuck that i am just going to have a good time..and be stree free!another thing i think its bullshit when someone tells your shit to someone else...like amanda telling fred bout joey...wtf yea it had somewhat to do with her..but its not her place to tell fred i didnt tell amanda a. and sb...!when personaly it souinds worse than the predictamwent im in..i told amanda b.c shese or was one of my bestfirnesds and i felt like shit but i didnt tell her to tell other people i didnt think she would i figure she had more class than that..

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[02 Jul 2003|03:29pm]

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"when you leave im begging you not to go...." [30 Jun 2003|03:30pm]
wow im actully in a really good mood today!!its nice...things are going really good with everything all around...this weekend is 4th of july and i still have noclue whats going down normally i know like a month ahead of time...this weekend friday hannah spent the night and me her drew and my mom chilled in the front yard all night had some good ol talks..bout pretty much everything...then saturday i went and got a hair cut..and after that me hannah my brothers and my mom all went down to wakulla to my moms friends place and went fourwheeling and drew met us up thier and the three of us just road around all afternoon on fourwheelers...got pretty damn muddy man!ha i was driving the fourwheeler and i went straight into a tree..by accident but god it was funny as shit i couldnt stop laughing..then that night me hannah and drew chilled at my place babysitting my bros while my mom went out then stef n shelby came over and we all chilled for awhile..then at around 12 hannah and drew went home and me stef shelby n my mom chilled and had some more good ol talks about everything....then we went out side and chilled with some ppl until like real late...but yea it was a really good weekend..whats weird is ive seen matt more in the last week then i would see him in ourrealationship well at least two months of it b.c we only saw each other like once a month lol...news on that thoguh were doing pretty good...we probaly will get back together sooner or later weve talked about it an all..so who knows will just have to see how thnigs go b.c we do fight alot!
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my deepest secret.....!uhoh [30 Jun 2003|02:13pm]
breast implants!

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